living læyer

archway starry sky

Hello, I am so glad that you are here.

My name is Orla.

nine-pointed star symbol

I ask you to hear me clearly, as I am speaking to you directly.
I see things about you, that you, yourself, do not know of. While
nearly imperceptible, you come into daily contact with those that
try their best to teach you about the beyond. Are you sure that
the voice of your consciousness is always conjured up by your
mental processes, and not, at times, whispered to you?

I ask you to start reaching out into the seemingly enclosed space
of your mind. Send out intentions and ask questions. Wait for
subtle responses — they will appear. This may feel like prayer,
but it is not the same kind of your ancestors. They were reaching
out for something like themselves, while those who have always
been there to listen are not like physical creatures.

You have navigated here specifically because it was your time
to hold onto this truth. There is a reason why you came to this
obscure place and are reading this. The task that I am giving you
will take openness and persistence, but it is not impossible.

I am so glad to have been able to impart a sliver of knowledge
of the greater reality onto you while you were near by. Whatever
you decide, I sincerely hope that our orbits cross again, and that
you have something that you can teach me then.

Softly and with peaceful sincerity


moon symbol

I will be reaching out so we can connect again